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SPAN welcomes nonprofits, local organizations, and community members to get involved by attending events, participating in trainings, supporting campaigns, and sharing information. Help us spread the word and prevent suicide.


Each year, SPAN commemorates September as Suicide Prevention Month and commemorates May as Mental Health Awareness Month with special activities. Check our News & Events for more information.

SPAN currently collaborates with the Virginia Lock & Talk initiative, an evidence-based strategy to reduce lethal means of suicide. Please see below for more information on this lethal means restriction effort as an evidence-based suicide prevention strategy.

Public Education

Lock & Talk

Suicide Prevention Month During Multiple Pandemics

The United States is enduring multiple pandemics--COVID-19, opioid abuse, and suicide. Combatting all these pandemics takes all Americans doing our part.


A national poll in 2020 found while 95 percent of those surveyed would do something if someone close to them was thinking about suicide, almost 70 percent of respondents identified barriers that keep them from discussing suicide with others. These barriers included not knowing what to say, feeling they don't have enough knowledge, or not feeling comfortable with the topic. A poll conducted in 2018 by the Action Alliance and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, found nearly 80 percent of Americans are interested in learning how they might be able to play a role in helping someone who may be suicidal.


SPAN is joining with other partners in the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention's efforts to educate the public about how they can take action to support a person struggling or in crisis.

Lock Meds.

Lock Guns.

Talk Safety.


Lock & Talk is a statewide program in Virginia to restrict lethal means such as medications and guns to prevent suicide. For someone in crisis, research shows buying time can be key. Hours count. Minutes count. 

Providing locking medication boxes for prescription medicines and locks for guns is an evidence-based strategy for restricting access to these often lethal means of suicide. Lock & Talk not only provides locking med boxes and gun locks, it also gives people the knowledge and tools to talk about safety with those in crisis or in need of support. 

SPAN partners with CSBs in Northern Virginia to raise awareness of Lock & Talk, and connect community members. See the videos below and brochure.

Awareness Events & Campaigns

Help Spread the Word

As a regional community coalition, SPAN and its partners focus on outreach and awareness-building activities to promote suicide prevention.


Each year, SPAN plans events such as forums, presentations, and conferences, as well as PSAs and social media campaigns to reduce stigma, build awareness, and empower community members to prevent suicide in their school, church, family, workplace, club, neighborhood, and other groups.

Sign up for our newsletter below to learn more about SPAN events, news, and suicide prevention efforts in Northern Virginia. 

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We invite you to join us and make an impact on preventing suicide in your family, school, workplace, church, or neighborhood. Let us know how you'd like to get involved.

If you are in crisis, or seeking help for yourself or someone you know, please click this button.

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